Atsara is a duo composed of Roland Devocelle, born in 1969 in Valence (France) and Audrey Rocher, born in 1977 in Agen (France), working in the field of plastic arts, sound arts and corporeal art. Both are self-taught artists rooted in the art of improvisation. 

Since 2000, they are cooperating as artists, mainly working in multidisciplinary projects developing audiovisual improvisations.

Their practice in the visual arts is based on photography and video works. 

In 2008 they started to work with projections, focusing on interplays of objects in motion as projection areas. Since then, they create installations which sometimes host their sonic or/and dance performances. 

From one artistic discipline into another, our works expand, combine, provoke, inspire, enter into resonance. Sound art and visual art become indivisible.

"Our work is continuing the artistic movement of Lumino Kinetic Art and Light Art, which uses the technical and esthetic properties of light, in particular in connection with the movement. Light, darkness, space and volumes are the raw materials of this artistic trend.
Light is a protagonist of outstanding visual effects which disturb our senses, and beyond the particular optical phenomena proposed in the perception, it opens a field of sensitive, poetic and esthetic experiment. As other artists (Anthony Mac Call, Madi Boyd, Paul Frielander), our approach of the projection concentrates on the disintegration of the surface of projection, and focuses on the space which stretches between this surface and the light source. We use the current digital equipments (computers, software, video-projectors), older devices of lighting (slide projectors, profile spots) and raw materials."

Atsaras is the name given to the clowns performing in sacred dances ceremonies in Bhutan.